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Excellent light and privacy control whilst adding a distinctive style to any home!

Plantation shutters Melbourne are an easy way to block out your family homes exposure to UV rays. This also will help to improve your health and hinder the fading of furniture and carpets. They are fitted to the inside of your windows offering excellent light and privacy control whilst adding a distinctive style to any home. Moveable louvers mean you can control exactly how much heat and light are entering your home without compromising on good looks.
Generally plantation shutters are manufactured from a variety of materials, such as wood, poly (Synthetics), plastic vinyl and MDF. These are just a few that we have listed here, however there are many others.

Plastic hollow vinyl are usually manufactured from an extruded hollow vinyl, since the components join together and make a light weight shutter, they are sometimes referred to as a Lego shutter. Wood shutters are usually manufactured from a variety of woods which can include cedar, basswood, poplar, alder and also a variety of other exotic wood products. However the ones that you will mostly see sold in the market place are poplar and basswood and that is mainly due to their ease of availability and price point.

Poplar is generally the harder wood for use in wood shutters, however the majority of the wood shutters are manufactured from cedar, alder, basswood and other exotic wood is used in the higher quality plantation shutters, which can easily be painted or stained. Both wood and synthetic shutters are very good quality and if looked after very well will last you a very long time. Both types of Great Quality shutters will suit most windows in the home and when it comes to choosing between them it is really a personal choice. For best selection of your next shutter purchase it would be wise to discuss it with your local supplier. They tend to have all the best experience and they will be able to show you the different varieties.

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  • Fabrics used
    Wood PVC Plastics Vinyl MDF
  • Operation Methods
  • Common Uses
    Timber Shutters & Cedar Shutters
  • Cleaning
    Things you will need: Duster (feather or woollen) Sponge or cloth Hot water Dishwashing liquid Method: General cleaning is to simply wipe with a duster. For bathroom or kitchen areas - a more intense clean is required. Use a clean cloth dripped in hot water solution. Wring out and wipe down the shutters while in closed position. Repeat on the other side. Rinse cloth each time. Remember to wipe down sides of shutter framing as well. Finally, clean once more with clean cloth and fresh hot water.


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  • 7 year manufacturer's warranty
  • Installation available
  • Removal of rubbish from site
  • Fully licensed and insured
  • Advice on DIY projects
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